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In , a cultural shift was underway in the United States as the automobile was rising in popularity, creating the need for an emerging automotive repair industry. Joseph Johnson, an engineer from Milwaukee, had an idea that would revolutionize repair and make work easier for professional mechanics. Joe and his co-worker, William Seidemann, spent weekends using crude bending jigs and pure muscle to fashion two sample sets of five handles and ten sockets. Using only these demo sets and brochures, Johnson and Seidemann generated over C. With this initial success, the Snap-on Wrench Company was formed. Johnson and Seidemann sought out the expertise of Stanton Palmer and Newton Tarble to market and sell their product.

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Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Dating snap on tool boxes. Subscribe to tick all snap-on is a smart tool box.

Vintage Cornwell Inch Drive Socket Early B Logo Date Code) Tool Mechanic Tools, Vintage Snap On 1/4” Drive Deep Well Socket 1/4” 12 Point MVS 8 Tool #Snapon Sockets ~ Hand Tools ~ Ratchets ~ Extensions ~ Mechanic Tools.

Once upon a time you could walk into any local hardware or auto parts store and find a decent selection of high quality, American made, hand tools. Much of that auto supply store stock was manufactured by the New Britain Machine Company. In addition to their Namesake brand as well as the None Better and Mustang budget lines, they would eventually own the rights to Husky and todays focus, Blackhawk.

Blackhawk was a big deal at one time. Mid century Blackhawk stuff had a real art deco type style and were some of the best looking tools ever made in my opinion. That mid-century stuff is highly collectable too. People are always looking for suggestions on what wrench set, socket set, etc. They want good quality tools at prices a DIY guy can justify.

The Snap-On Wrench Company

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Craftsman is a line of tools, lawn and garden equipment, and work wear. Originally a house to brands like Cornwell Quality Tools, SK, Snap on, Proto, Mac, and Matco. This warranty program requires no receipt or dated proof of purchase. Seeing the potential, Sears tested the idea that it did not weaken the ratchet.

Snap-on is an American company that has been producing quality tools since Originally dismissed by mainstream tool distributors, the company began using independent salespeople, a tradition that continued. The company also re-labeled Blue Point tools to supplement its line of available products. Given the popularity of Snap-on Tools, especially among mechanics, tools and tool boxes have become very collectible.

The easiest way to track down the details of your Snap-on product is to use the Collecting Snap-on website, managed by Frank Murch. Look on the back of your tool box and record the markings. This first stylized number or symbol is the year of manufacture. The final series of numbers is the product number. Compare this to the date chart on the website Collecting Snap-on.

Each model year after has its own special way of listing the year, using a stylized number or symbol. Access the relevant catalog on the website. Choose “Catalogs” then pick your year range from the drop-down menu and then the specific year.

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The first letter A-L represents the month, January through December. This method repeats 3 times, beginning in , repeating in and A”; B Shield typically on the shaft of wrenches. First year for Chrome Vanadium Tools. Chrome Vanadium Tools. A”; By mid-year , the B Shield is no longer on the shaft of wrenches. A”; the B Shield is no longer on the shaft of wrenches. Bonney B Shield in the middle of the “Bonney” stamp for at least part of the year and disappears between mid and early ; “Made in U.

Bonney B Shield in the middle of the “Bonney” stamp disappears between mid and early ; “Made in U. Bonney “Made in U. Bonney “U.

How to Identify Snap-on Tool Boxes

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